2018 SA Olive Awards


  • Mentorship program – 7 organisations
    • Total mentees = 94
    • Total mentors = 18
  • Aims of program
    • To enhance mentors and mentees development and functioning to development their own potential, but also to add value to the organisation for which they work.
  • The winners and runner ups are:
    • Eunice Thandiswa from Buffet Olives
    • Hester Cupido – Olyfberg
    • Theresa Slinger – Olyvenbosch
  • Eunice runs a picking section with about 100 workers. She works with 5 supervisors and 3 men.  In off season she is involved with the irrigation side with a small team.  She grows through the ranks from a general worker to the level she is now.
  • Hester was doing the bottling and infusion of oil. This season she got an opportunity to learn to work the press machine.  Her enthusiasm, willingness to take responsibility for this task was astonishing.  Coming early, staying later was just natural for her.  She runs a team of about 4 to 5 persons when there is a large order for oil.  During her involvement in the mentorship program she as a person changed from being negative, easily offended to being a leader which takes up responsibility and thrive because she enjoys what she does.
  • Theresa became part of the mentorship program in 2016. She and her family came from a vineyard farm.  Where they stayed for 15 years.  She was a general worker there.  The opportunity to be part of the program she grabbed with both hands.  In the 2017 season she became a temporary supervisor with 15 pickers.  In 2018 season she became permanent running a team of 34 pickers.

Theresa Slinger is this years winner as mentee for 2018.