Terugvoering van Leerders vir Money Matters 13 & 14 Maart 2018 Kirkwood


Datum: 13 Maart 2018

Plek: Christo Meiring

Fasiliteerder: Anida de Villiers

 Die volgende terugvoering is ontvang van leerders na afloop van die kursus.

  • “I must budget for expenses to buy food for the children and the family. To save money in the bank.”
  • “Ek het geleer om met geld te werk. Ek hoop ek onthou dit in my kop.”
  • “I want to quit on alcohol for good. I want to quit on cigarettes for good.  I can change with spend money to play gambling.  I want to change my life and to spend time at church.”
  • “Ek het baie geleer op die kursus. Alles wat ek geleer het, het my baie beter laat voel hoe om met geld te werk.  Ek hoop ek kan doen wat ek geleer het.”
  • “Ek moet budget en sal dan die helfte minder gebruik. Ek moet ook verminder die lekkernye, my koeldrank en sigarette.  Ook minder geld op sort en dobbel spandeer.”
  • “I want to thank Anida Training for such a wonderful training we learnt a lot. We now know how to budget our money.  To love our beloved family and to spend money together with the family.  And when we buy proper we now know advantages and disadvantages of higher purchase.  And also when we are not suppose to rush to sign Contract which we are not sure of we are suppose to ask first before give anyone our own info.”
  • “I learned a lot of taking control, but I specially learned about how to stop making debts. Even though I don’t have a clue of where to start with what I learned, but I will do my best to try and act out what I learned in this course.  At least I did get a little hope from this course.  So I wish willing and hope the knowledge I got here will work.”
  • “Ek moet minder tobacco gebruik en alcohol, dan sal ek meer geld hê.”
  • “To help children for school fees. To save money for children for going to Varsity.”
  • “Die kursus was ’n sukses vir my, het baie geleer vir my is dit dat ek van vandag net meer met respek en orde, ’n begroting te begin voor jy enig iets doen met geld. Sonder begroting kom mens niks begin bereik nie.  Sal ook begin om minder aan onnodige goeters wat geld mors op uit te gee.  Dankie, vir die info van vandag.  Waardeer dit baie.”
  • “Just budget my money monthly. Will good thing which very important like home electricity.  If I need thing like TV to buy cash.  I leave alcohol to my life, leave girls away to my life to choose the best friends to go to the church.  To put my money in the bank to save.  To put my money in a fixed deposito.”


Datum: 14 Maart 2018

Hudson – 3, Christo Meiring – 8, Riggs & Stiemie – 10

Fasiliteerder: Anida de Villiers

Plek: SGOV – Opleidingslokaal

Hier volg terugvoering van leerders oor hoe hulle die kursus ervaar het:

  • “I want to change my and my families lives. No more alcohol and drugs.”
  • “I focus to much on the Nice to haves. I will try to create a good self image.”
  • “Start by opening a account and stop keeping money in pocket and house. To stop borrow money to someone.  Most important thing to use money in needs nit in wants.  I suppose to be the manager of my money.”
  • “First thing I am going to open a bank account. Then I am going to save my money.  Then I have some money like 10 thousand rand I am starting a business like shop for clothes or groceries.  After that I am suppose to manage my business.  If I have some profit I will buy a car and built my house.”
  • “First I will budget. How do I handle or controlling my money e.g.  to decide to buy or not to buy.”
  • “Every time I will use my money I have to make sure that I ask myself 5 questions. What, why, where, when and how?”
  • “I am going to change the plans for getting money. I am going to change my life to a beter life.  To care with my family and friends.  To improve the education of my kids.  My family must leave on a beter place.  To work myself job e.g. running the shop.”
  • “I am going to leave alcohol and drugs first and not to want everything I see-in the shops – I’ll leave these things because it is not right for me. I want to do the right things and take time, before I do the way I handle my money.”
  • “I am going to start to do savings. I going to start to never doubt myself.  I going to try by starting my own business.”
  • “Budgeting is needed. Not to spend money with some luxury things.  To buy goods on cash.”
  • “I am going to change in the way I handle my money. That I must compare a price of something before I buy something and that change me. How to save a money and how to use a money.  It change that if I have a problem I must avoid to take money to buy alcohol, drugs.  It teach me. How to budget money.”